Getting new momentum is easy

Personal coaching can help you identify and transcend internal conflicts, limiting beliefs, and habits that may be undermining your true potential. Transformation is set in motion as you gain a practical understanding of how thought and communication processes impact behavior. You soon become smarter in the way you increase your productivity and creativity to achieve your goals.


I'm certified in Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP)

What is NLP?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) was developed as a method for transforming human behavior. It is based on an understanding of the dynamic interaction between neurology, language, and behavior. According to the model, the way we experience our reality (life) is shaped by the way we take in information through our senses (neurology), translate it into language (linguistic), and make mental patterns (programming) that influence our behavior.

The discipline is based on a set of presuppositions that makes it possible to understand and describe human behavior, communication, and the process of change in a detailed way. NLP originated as a set of modeling techniques. The verbal and behavioral patterns of human excellence were studied with the aim of making these unique abilities transferable to people wanting to model their outcomes on those of celebrated achievers.

NLP provides tools for developing resourceful states and empowering beliefs to help you reframe the thought and behavior patterns that are keeping you stuck. By adopting more effective mental frames of reference, you improve your ability to support your transformation and attain your goals, whether they are to overcome an emotional difficulty, recover from ill health, or achieve excellence.

What is life coaching?

Life coaching is a dynamic new service that follows in the footsteps of sports coaching. Professional life coaches are motivational experts who offer their skills to anybody wishing to achieve specific goals or create positive change in their life. Coaching is about helping people find inspiration and take action to reach their full potential.

The coaching philosophy assumes that people already have all the resources to go forward and manifest what they really want. The coach assists the process by raising the client’s level of awareness and responsibility, guiding the development and execution of an action plan, and providing the client with the necessary structure, feedback and support to ensure progress. In an ongoing, synergistic relationship, the coach helps the client increase his or her resources, evaluate evidence of success and strategize future action steps.

Life coaches are not therapists. They do not define how things should be, nor do they judge the outcome. They simply create a safe and structured environment in which the client can explore his or her habits, values, beliefs, resources, possibilities, options and strategies.

What is a creativity coach?

Creativity coaches work with artists, musicians, writers, inventors, business executives, and other creative people. Though some coaches have a specific creative background, most of them focus on the creative process rather than the client’s actual art or profession.

A creativity coach will help you explore how your thought processes may be holding you back from doing your best work. In helping you pursue your aspirations, your coach will guide you to draw on your inspiration and translate those ideas into viable projects. You will develop new mental strategies to help you plan and pursue projects in a way that guarantees their completion, thus accomplishing your creative and professional goals.

My approach is based on life coaching principles and NLP techniques. My objective is to bring about the outcomes my clients want—giving them greater control over the way they think in order to improve their creativity and productivity.