Writing classes 

Whether you prefer private mentoring or group classes, we focus on all the literary elements of fiction and nonfiction, like structure, setting, plot and character development, sensory-based details, point of view, style, voice, tone, and much more.

Group classes meet weekly for 2-hour sessions and are limited to 6 writers working on a serious project:

  • We start with a 5 min. sensory-based prompt (writing, reading, and critiquing)
  • We continue with a 15 min. discussion of NLP principles and how the behavior change model relates to the craft of writing
  • Each student comes prepared to read up to 5 pages and hear a round of critiques

Manuscript critiquing

Developmental Editing

I read your manuscript and provide a written review, summarizing what is working particularly well and making suggestions for improving structure, clarity, and flow. The report will typically be a couple of paragraphs on a short story or chapter and a page or more for a book-length manuscript, together with line comments on the manuscript.

My comments will cover character transformation and plot development; structure; setting; sensory-based details; point of view; style, voice and tone. Included in the price is a 15-minute phone discussion or you can email me with questions about the critique. I accept hard copies, though I prefer electronic submissions. I charge a $100 minimum fee for short works less than twenty-five pages.

Light Proofreading

I read your final manuscript word-for-word to check for typographical errors, including:

  • Incorrect punctuation
  • Inconsistent line, word, or page spacing
  • Erratic numbering of list items and labeling of captions
  • Improper word breaks
  • Page break problems like widows and orphans
  • Irregularities in fonts types
  • Inconsistent page headers, footers and page numbers
  • Discrepancies in tables, figures, charts, and graphs
  • Incompatible diagrams and illustrations
  • Inconsistent use of abbreviations and acronyms
  • Unreliable Table of Contents

Creativity coaching

I work with people from diverse creative environments who want to develop better strategies for improving their productivity. Similar to life coaching, we assess how your values and beliefs relate to creativity, identify the internal conflicts and limiting beliefs that may be stumbling blocks, and set well-formed goals to achieve the outcomes you want. You will learn new skills to help you:

  • Enhance your current creative abilities
  • Transfer creative ability from one context to another
  • Develop more conscious access to creativity
  • Utilize the three stages of the creative cycle more effectively
  • Develop a positive language relating to creativity
  • Focus bursts of creativity in a more organized and systematic way

Creativity workshops

I offer on-site workshops to any eclectic mix of creative people and executives of an organization in small groups of 6 to 20 people. Through role-play and discussion, we explore different creative types and the various phases of the creative cycle. The participants gain a better understanding of thought and behavior processes and the cybernetic nature of communication. They develop new strategies for thinking creatively and improving their productivity.

In addition, I offer free brown bag lunch talks to small creative and executive groups. The talks comprise principles that are inherent in my skills-based and creativity coaching, such as:

  • How to model excellence
  • How to create well-formed goals
  • How to anchor resourceful states
  • How to resolve internal and external conflict
  • How to elicit information and build rapport
  • How to differentiate between content and context
  • How to test congruency of values and beliefs
  • Deletions, distortions, generalizations, and metaphors of language
  • The neurological levels of change: environment, behavior, capability, values and beliefs, identity, spirituality


I work hard to keep overheads low and rates affordable for all budgets. Depending the nature and scope of a project, I am always willing to negotiate a flat project fee or daily rate. Contact me with details of your project and to discuss rates and terms, or to learn more during a free initial consultation.